Karen Mason Blair - Alice In Chains is On Chain

Karen Mason Blair - Alice In Chains is On Chain
Karen Mason Blair and her iconic photography

The never to be minted again 1/1 NFTs, the first ERC-721s in Karen's already flourishing Web3 career, will give collectors the rarity they value in truly one-of-a-kind art. Available exclusively on DroppingNow.io now.

A warm bright spot has shone through in the cold NFT winter, as Karen Mason Blair's iconic 90's grunge rock photography showcases collectors' burning passion for NFT photography.

Some cultures believe that a photograph can capture the soul, and moments put to film in Karen Mason Blair’s photographs have me believing how accurate that may be. With her family-like ties to iconic 90’s bands (many of whom helped shape the very generation currently building the Web3 space), Karen Mason Blair gives us a glimpse not just of the musicians who changed the rock and roll game. She gives us a piece of her shared friendship that arrives as deeply intimate photos of some of our childhood heroes.

Grunge by Karen Mason Blair

Alice In Chains is known to the world as one of the most influential rock bands of all time, but to Karen Mason Blair they are close friends. In fact, Karen spent more time attending Alice In Chains concerts and photographing the icons than any other band, and their bond comes through in each of her shots. From the early days of Jerry Cantrell sleeping on Karen’s couch, and driving him to band practice, to Alice In Chains’ head-turning performance opening for glam rock band Poison, Karen was there documenting it all. And while Layne Staley, Jerry Cantrell, Sean Kinney, and Mike Starr began their meteoric rise, Karen and the band were simply committed to having the time of their life. The energy that Karen captures in her photos, along with the band’s signature sound, propelled the entire Seattle music scene to the worldwide stage, setting in motion a movement that spawned generations of fans.

Shine | Photo taken by Karen Mason Blair

In the Karen Mason Blair - Alice In Chains Collection, Karen gives us an up close and personal look at the group of men who created anthems of the 90s, with hit songs like Rooster, Man In The Box, and Angry Chair.

From never-before-seen pictures of Jerry Cantrell shot in the service elevator at Karen’s studio to an unreleased promo shot of the band from Rolling Stones’ New Faces feature, this collection of Alice In Chains photos is full of firsts. The never to be minted again 1/1 NFTs, the first ERC-721s in Karen's already flourishing Web3 career, will give collectors the rarity they value in truly one-of-a-kind art.

Alone in the Frame by Karen Mason Blair

Just like Karen Mason Blair was at the forefront of a cultural shift in the early 90s, she yet again finds herself in the same position, surfing a wave of the future of collectibles and art in Web3. Each NFT in the Alice In Chains collection will arrive on CryptoSlam’s DroppingNow.io marketplace in a game-changing Dutch Auction format. As the price decreases by the second, collectors are given the opportunity to purchase the photo that they connect with most, at the price that they value. We believe that collectors and artists will grow together through fair price discovery, all while collecting and connecting treasures made immortal through today’s technology.

Karen Mason Blair’s Alice In Chains Collection comprises 5 unique 1/1 NFTs and is live on Droppingnow.io now.

Alice In Chains: Grunge and Glam NFT by Karen Mason Blair

Alice In Chains opened for Poison after their scheduled opening act was canceled at the last minute. The two bands came together for an encore, performing a cover of Kiss’ Rock and Roll All Night.

Alice In Chains on stage as they showcased their head-turning sonic onslaught while opening for Poison on their 1991 Pacific NW tour. Some see this as a passing of the baton when 80s rock gave way to the gritty sounds of 90s grunge, and Alice In Chains gave the world a glimpse at the future of Rock and Roll and grunge.

Alice In Chains: New Faces | NFT by Karen Mason Blair

In need of promotional photos for Rolling Stone’s New Faces article, the pop culture publication turned to Karen Mason Blair to shoot what are now considered iconic photos of Alice In Chains. Taken in the service elevator of her studio, Karen captured not just the band, but also the aura and mystique surrounding them, giving the world their first look at one of Seattle’s biggest bands.

Alice In Chains: Jerry Cantrell - My Song | NFT by Karen Mason Blair

When Jerry plays, the world listens. Jerry Cantrell was not only equipped to play the part of lead guitarist, but he was also the force of nature that helped Alice In Chains take the world by storm. His metal-influenced riffs, soaring licks, and deeply introspective songwriting abilities made Jerry Cantrell one of the signature flavors of Seattle's sound that still lives on today.

Jerry Cantrell at The Paramount on the Facelift tour in 1991.

Alice In Chains: Jerry Cantrell - Cut You In | NFT by Karen Mason Blair

He inspired generations of musicians thanks to his supernatural ability to speak a language that required no words. Playing his signature G&L Rampage “Blue Dress” guitar, Jerry Cantrell spoke to the world, telling a story with his fingers that still reverberates across the world to this day.

Alice In Chains: Jerry Cantrell - Let It Show | NFT by Karen Mason Blair

Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell was fearless yet vulnerable, loud yet introspective, and above all, destined to share his gift with the world. Fresh on the heels of Alice In Chains being signed to their first record deal, Jerry reached out to his old friend Karen Mason Blair to shoot solo photographs. The result is an intimate look at the man who would become a rock legend and would help propel Alice In Chains and the Seattle music scene to rock and roll infamy.

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